Randomly Saturday – Thoughts I May have had Before

Wonders of life

All around us

Even below our feet

Letting go of what we know

To begin see all the unknowns

A feeling that there is

More to life

Than we ever imagined

Thanks to loujen haxm’Yor https://loujenhaxmyor.com/ for reminding me of an old post I had done https://theantilandscaper.org/2014/04/24/collaboration-on-oldest-living-things/

Thanks all

29 thoughts on “Randomly Saturday – Thoughts I May have had Before

  1. Love the picture with the leaves and the green “bursts” (for lack of a better word.) I also like the picture right below with green pearls standing on red strings (for lack of more better words.) Your words are so life affirming.

  2. Those are all so wonderful. I was going to say which I liked best but it was too difficult to choose. That green thin plant with the round green head is not known to me. Is it common?

    1. Hi, and thanks for all your likes and comments and I enjoy your blogs also. and in answer to you question about photo it is the spore fruiting bodies of Bartramia pomiformis. Common Apple-moss.
      Thanks again, Paul

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