Ducks on a Pond

An old song came to me this morning

Ducks on a Pond

By The Incredible String Band

Ducks on a pond
Very pretty swimming round
The lion and the unicorn journey very far
The answers are the question, sir
The lady soothes the lion’s fur
Meek as a lamb he follows her
Wherever angels are
Sing me something

I asked the ice it would not say
But only cracked or moved away
I thought I knew me yesterday
Whoever sings this song

10 thoughts on “Ducks on a Pond

  1. Another new one on me. I had never heard of The Incredible String Band, and was curious. I listened to the whole song, and I guess your photo should have prepared me but it didn’t. What an extraordinary song and sound. I lived through the 60s but I must have missed a lot. Thanks for the education!

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