It’s the Time Zone Funk – Backward, Forward And Back Again

I come out of unconsciousness, when I hear the coffee brewing, a start of another day

I go thru my wake up routine, turn things on, visit the non-mentioned room and pour my self some coffee

I hit the dial on the radio, there is organ music playing where the classical tunes should be, what’s this ?

I look at my computer screen and something is wrong

It says it an hour earlier than my brain wants to accept

How did I end up in a different time zone when I never left my home

Coffee inhaled, mind coming out of a fog

Something about Eastern standard, daylight saving time?

Spring, fall, backwards and forward I know it will come to me

I look at the clock on the wall, it’s my time one that I can accept

The world out there is saying one thing, yet around me I’m in a different zone

Oh, I’m in a time zone funk,

With all the adjusting that needs to be done

Clocks are a quick fix

Body clocks take longer, why am I not hungry when it time to it’s time to eat

The sun’s up earlier and sets way too early for my liking

It’s a game of catch up, against the backdrop

Of winters’ approach

When night overcomes day

It’s hard not to have that

Time Zone Funk

reworked, re-posted from 10 years ago

12 thoughts on “It’s the Time Zone Funk – Backward, Forward And Back Again

  1. Come to Arizona… we don’t change our clocks! But how I remember the days when we did … living in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
    It was truly a funk!

  2. A fascinating reflection and so many interesting comments, Jon. Recently, an Ojibwe friend told me a story about an anthropologist’s discovery. The anthropologist asked a Cree elder why the tribe didn’t watch the stars any more to read the weather and tell time, thinking the answer would be the centuries of colonial oppression they experienced. The anthropologist was surprised by the simple answer – “calendars and clocks.” Personally, I’m grateful daylight savings time finally ended and the hour I lost in the spring is finally back, making me feel I’m in sync with the natural world around me. It seems many others experience the change differently, and I find that interesting and intriguing.

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