A Brief Moment

DSC08158A brief moment

When my understanding

Of the world

Begins to clear

A finite

A speck of the infinity


All that has past

All that might be

Layers on layers

Woven in patterns

In intricate designs



I long to stay

In this moment

But all the other realities

 Will again flow back in





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Here is a post from some friends and fellow landscapers. It is interesting to see a project unfold and all the work involved. Check them out.

The Weekly Word

It has been a busy week for the Design and Landscape division of Labrie Associates, and that is why there wasn’t a new blog entry last week. To make up for it a little, here is a pictorial history of the last ten months on a job which we are finishing up…

DSCN3496 A windy hill, with potential galore…

11301501 The concept

DSCN5601 Work begins, mapping out the work area.

DSCN0379 Painting the rough location of the fire pit and steps on the ground…

DSCN0153 Prep begins!

DSCN0159 And continues…

DSCN0242 The footings for the walls get carefully made, as the wall has been made in pieces in another location and will be brought in and manovered into place. So every measurement has to be perfect!

DSCN0245 A column comes down the hill.

DSCN0252 The wall takes shape.

DSCN0285 Happy workers!

DSCN0289 The inner wall is installed.

DSCN0571 “The Pit” is paved and the upper patio begins.

IMG_0454 Plantings are in…

IMG_0440 Shastas by…

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