Head in the Clouds Monday – Looking Out

There is always something unique to see

Thou I can’t say where I am

Or where I been

And if I was down there

I wouldn’t recognize

What I seen from the sky

There is a bit of sadness

As development works it way

Up the mountain

Even in the middle of nowhere

21 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds Monday – Looking Out

    1. I once took a class years ago where there were comparing the aerial photos over the course of time and it really effected me how much the landscape had changed with development, maybe that’s why I consider myself the antilandscaper. Thamks

      1. I see you as the ideal landscaper. Someone who loves nature enough to bring out its beauty in landscapes rather than lose it completely. 😊

  1. Good day. I kept your question in mind. I’ve continued traveling and have reached an elite level in my travel program. The perks are nice. This last time, once I saw the lav in my cabin occupied, I motioned to the flight attendant I’d be using the Lavatory at the rear. Upon returning through the 737’s cabin, I glanced behind the emergency exit row to see a young boy glued to the window, excitedly looking down like I would be. Thank you, it made my trip unique.

    1. Thanks, I usually fly to visit kids, at least up to the start of the pandemic, and with all my wanders before, I realize from up in the clouds I really haven’t seen that much

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