The Buds of Spring

Remember the forest had been ablaze of color

Then all the leaves had fallen

Creating mosaic patterns on the ground

The silhouette of trees

Stand against a icy blue winter sky

Yet when we look close

We see the buds

Waiting for that season

Which brings us the hope of spring

37 thoughts on “The Buds of Spring

    1. I sitting here looking out at my snow covered gardens, knowing that when the sun finally able to touch the earth all the buds will swell and open and I want to see as much as I can for each day it unfolds more. Thanks for the comment

  1. Oh that last picture is to beautiful! Just today I noticed some stalks sticking up through the ground when we took our morning walk. Spring can’t be too far!

    1. Oh figs, it something I miss them living in NH, my childhood memory of my grandmother having a fig tree growing among rose bushes and carefully reaching in to puck a fruit. Thanks as always

  2. I love the contrasts of the wooded views to the tiny buds. And, much as I am in awe of those photos of the buds, I would have to say that carpet of fallen leaves is my favorite, especially in that splotch of sun. All are beautiful, though.

    1. Thanks, a funny tale, while all my neighbors working so hard to remove every leaf from their yards I leave mine be, just to kick them as I wander thru my gardens

    1. Having lived in the woods many years, it is hard to imagine why folks always feel the need to get every leaf gone in the fall, me I rather just walk and kick thru them. Thanks

    1. Hah, you must be in southern places where oranges can grow, you should enjoy it, I live in a land where freezing temps greet my mornings, yet there is something about it to enjoy, even with my long johns on

      1. I only have one tiny bungalow, sitting in the in-between area of lakes and mountains and the seacoast of New Hampshire.
        What I do have in your neck of the desert is two of my wife’s kids who call Phoenix their home And I have two girls who have wind in North Carolina, my reasons for flying

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