Bookish Sunday – Tales in Non fiction

I look thru my shelves of books

To realize most are non-fiction

Tales told of the world we live in

Stories built upon the past to the present

Earth and us as main characters

As it unfolds into the future

I pulled this book down to open the pages

“New England Forest Through Time” By David Foster and John O’Keele

The slideshow below are dioramas that show NE forest over the cost of 300 years

It book describes the changes to landscape, vegetation and wildlife that have occurred

It is a theme that is discussed in many of the books I have

Whether it’s NE or other parts of the US and the earth as a whole

This book I’m always opening, so it will remain on my shelf

To end this post I’ll add one more picture

In the slideshow we seen the changes that have occurred through our use of the landscape

Today many of our changes have much more long term effects on the landscape

For our use of man-made materials to alter the environment

Has changed the time-line for the environment to recover, if it can

This reminds me of another book ” The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman

Maybe to be looked at again in the future.

13 thoughts on “Bookish Sunday – Tales in Non fiction

  1. So interesting to see the changes to the landscape and your comment about how the more recent changes have potentially longer lasting impacts. Where are trees can re-take an abandon pastures, they can’t reclaim a highway as easily.

    1. I agree and given today’s need for resources we might not be able recognize our landscape in the near future. Like seeing huge mega cities in the desert. It a wonder, thanks

  2. It’s the same story here in Australia. BUT (underlined and each key hit with a vengeance) when old farms are abandoned the trees that take over are often more like weeds. They are the opportunistic ones and very often they are introduced ones that degrade and destroy the natives. Although there are many introduced plants in Australia that have become pests I am sure that the Australian Eucalypts and some of out Acacias are becoming unwelcome in Europe and America. To sum up, we have degraded the environment and even if we departed and lived on Mars the damage has been done.

    1. I agree our world is changing so fast without much thought as to the world we are creating other than to profit and our own want for pleasure. I mentioned that book “The World Without Us” where he discusses what would happen to earth if we just disappeared, interesting read.
      Thanks, John

    1. It is sobering, even without the bomb craters for what is coming next as we spread ourselves everywhere. I hope I didn’t bring you too down for there is enough out there already. Take care

    1. It fascinates me when I look at a landscape in the present and wonder what it was before. To read that here in New Hampshire we once had mountains that were over 12,000 ft., ice age changing weather patterns have wound them down now to Mt. Washington that is 6,200ft. now.
      Thanks for the comment

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