14 thoughts on “Spring Sprung

  1. I lived in New Hampshire a long time ago – but I remember two signs of spring: flattened white skunks on the road; and, the first swarms of Hells Angels on route 101:)

    1. Well you’re right, the pink flamingos only show up on lawns of certain type of folks, they are tacky but cute. To the other signs of spring we try not to think of them for they tend to either smell or are noisy

  2. Too funny. I don’t know what the collective noun really is but this kind of looks like an infestation of flamingos. =) (and I know it is totally uncool to say so but they actually look quite festive)

  3. I love it. Someday I want to be those kind of people who address each season with a range of lawn ornaments. Pink flamingos in New Hampshire. You never know. It could happen. 🙂

    1. Well you have to come to NH for you see a lot of “lawn ornaments” across the state from pink flamingos, to old cars and even a planted toilet bowl here and there. Thanks for the comment Jon

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