Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument


You stand as a monument
No plaque attached
No Dedications
Only a few still remember
Some day
All that knew this gentle man
Who laid your roots in the ground
Will be gone
Your surroundings may change
Yet we might hope
That you will live on
To remember


This scarlet oak was planted by a truly gentle man named Ray who live to almost 95. He was a remarkable plants-man, Landscaper and designer. I worked for him for many years and the oak was planted before I was even born. He built the house (top) and opened a nursery that was in business until he passed away, open for 60 years. After he was gone, the land was sold and the new owners wanted it turn it into medical practices park. Many of the trees are gone now, but I am happy they left this scarlet oak and I hope it is there for many generations to come.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. This is true, and as time passes all those things that were important to someone has passed and the connection is lost. I enjoy most of your stories and glad you share them. Jon

  2. Beautiful tribute to Ray and his gift of the tree…I was saddened to see that the medical practice did not see the healing value of leaving more trees! I have just returned from Alberta and left in the early morning. I was shocked as I looked at the landscape from the air, as to how barren the land was. My Edmonton friend told me that many trees were cut. Unbelievable to me, that an effort is not made to plant more trees to save their soil. Mother Earth is being destroyed…and all her gifts. Your piece is so important to remind us of the value of trees and of nature. Thank you for sharing it! Expressed so well…You have a gentle voice in your expression! Thank you, also, for your many visits to my blog. Much appreciated!

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