Cycles within cycles, overlapping, within others

From within particle of soil to a planet traveling thru space

Something must fall for something other to arise

It is the continuing cycles for life to build up on that that had come before

Matters so simple, matters so complex

When did we begin to think it should be another way?

To rule, control and improve upon that what we don’t truly  comprehend

It is what we do, accepted as to what should be

To create things we think the better, for ourselves and forget all the others

Cycles interrupted, but how many times, in how many ways?

Can these cycles can be broken, before more collapse to a point of no return?

 When will there be a time we understand that we are part of these cycles?

We depend on them, not separate, not above them, nor thinking we know better

For now, one can only hope for all of life, it might be very soon

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