I step from the low light

Of a winter’s sun

Into the curtained canopy of a evergreen stand

Pausing, time for eyes to adjust

To the darkness

Where the sun never reaches

A faint sound of gently moving of water

I step to it’s musical tone

Where there is rock by the stream

To sit, watch and listen

Until I imagine what will be

The time of the setting sun

So I may head home in its’ light

I Duck Taped My Wife

Years of living with someone

It’s a Yin and Yang thing



Compromise  with a kiss on the cheek

Anger, yet cuddling in bed

Hand holding or rolling of one’s eyes

Yet there are times

Like when the wife asks you to duck tape her

How excited the thought is, I’m sure that is no surprise


No, no, no, no

Don’t let your imaginations run wild

For it wasn’t anything like that!!

Let the picture below, make it perfectly clear


A dress form made for an individual

So long as the evening snacks are limited

A duct taped wife without a head, covered up for modesty sake


To repeat those words of a sort-of famous neighbor to the north

Canada’s Red Green loosely translated

“If you can’t fix it with duct tape

It’s probability not worth fixing”



Winter Moment


We who live in the north

Know winter can be harsh


With that cold wind

A sun that never  reaches

High in the sky


Yet it has its’ moments

In the quietness of a new snows’ fall


Or as the sun returns to a new day

To shine on the beauty of winter


If only for a short time


Morning Sky


As the light of a morning sky rises

The song of birds greet a new day

My mind wants to capture

Those morning colors

Over the  last shadows of night

So I may hold on to it

As the day moves forward



A Fine Line


A fine line is drawn

With a sharpen point

Light to the touch

Yet can still be seen

For dimension of lines

Occupy space


A fine line to cut

With the thickness of a blade

How close the cut

To the right side of the line

That is the goal of the craft




Tiny water droplets suspended in the clouds

As they move on the currents of air

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Until the burden of its’ weight

Releases and water drops fall to the earth


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To be absorbed

To flow and make it way to the sea


To move on the current of oceans

To evaporate back to the clouds


Continuing cycles


With the ebb and flow of life