Should Human Welfare Trump Wildlife?

A question we must ask ourselves everyday, even beyond the eyes of life in those things we find that find appealing. For there are so many other living things, unseen, unknown that make up the living earth, all are in harm’s way. What right’s do they have? Or right do we have.

7 thoughts on “Should Human Welfare Trump Wildlife?

  1. Such important questions! Things are shifting and it doesn’t have to be bad, but we need to be thinking and shifting with it for the benefit of all. Thanks for posting these insightful topics and resources. Thanks, also, for LIKING my fun! Daily photos from my own true vintage closet is a different track than this site, but it’s great that we can share our interests and ideas.

  2. I respectfully disagree with the author’s assertion that “self-interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” This is simply further evidence of our hubris. As is the whole framing of this article, where conservation boils down to the crude notion that it’s either us or them. The problem is precisely that we see things in those terms. Until we are able to shift this perspective we’re doomed.

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