Texture of Tuesday – 4

A world made of trees

That lives its’ own sentinel life

Designs and texture close up

Can be smooth, papery, scales and cracks

Flaky, stripes, thrones, ridged and furrowed

Step back and they become

The uniqueness of a forest community

Where they are rooted in their home

Texture of Tuesday – 2

A texture that changes

And dances

With the slightest movement of air

And the forever pull of gravity


Yet, reflective of light


Or part of the air that influences it

A texture within and that which surrounds our lives

It’s there to behold in all of its’ changing textures

Enjoy the day

Curious Friday – Leaf Hopping

A new season in upon us

As the leaves emerge

Time to look for slight moment

Of spots on leaves and twigs

To slowly approach

Before they hop or fly away


If I could only get them to turn my way

Maybe I get some head shots


And not get bite or strung