Happiness and Good Luck?


They say the Blue bird brings happiness and that my be so.

Usually I’m glad to see one

Yet when it flies around your parked car day after day

Acting like it wants to keep getting into the closed windows

You have to wonder why?


Then you realize when you go to take out the car

That as it has been flying around the car

It has been pooing all over the sides.


They say that a bird pooping on your  person, car or property

Supposedly it brings good luck,

Not sure where that myth, or superstition comes from

But I wonder is the good luck mine or the car rental business?


War Drums

dsc06551ac_peI fled deeper into the forest

Away from others of my own kind

For I have lived a lifetime

Of hearing their war drums

Sometimes off in the distance

Others times closer to home

When I can hear war cries

Of righteousness and hate

That comes from all quarters

From all sides

I think of all the fallen

Those that marched into it

And for those many more

That were just in harms way

Was it for some

With their last breath

They longed that the war drums

Would become silent

Not for just them

But for those they left behind?