Weekly Photo Challenge: Container


It part of my everyday
Always to be carried along
But not much thought given
Half filled and frozen at night
Top offed in the morning and ready to go
Something cold or cool in the heat of the day.
It has been dropped, thrown, kicked and rolled
Lost cup, slightly crack lid
Lost a few times, but always found

Thank goodness it not old days
When as a kid my container was glass lined
No matter how careful
When I shook it
There was always sound of cracked glass inside

A Pacifist in a World of Wars


Fireworks explode
Cheers are elated
In celebration of the winning
Over the defeat of other side

History is written by the few
And the horror of memories
By those that lived it
Slowly fade away

Each generation
Answering call
To God, Duty and Country

Righteousness over the others’ wrong
The good versus the evil
Time and time again

The storm clouds of war gather
Always on the move
Forever covering over the earth

When will you take a stand?
Over the woven injustices
That is fabric in so many lives

When will you take up arms
And join in the fight?
Will it be when it the “War to End All Wars”?
And we are no more?

My words are not meant to offend anyone
It is the struggle I have within my head

From the moment I was born until today, there has been some war going on somewhere in the world
Never a day, never a year of peace the world over.

Thoughts spurred on By the “Artists 4 Peace” I have seen in blogs and the sad events of everyday


Curious Friday: Hopeless Self

We stopped off for dinner on our way home after work the other night. We shared a sandwich and some Sun Chips when I came upon this “Smiley” one below.


I saved it and brought it home to take a picture(s) of it.

Now I am curious as to why I did this and to the idea that I would even think to post something this stupid,
but as you can see I did.

Thinking about it I’m pretty sure if we happen upon each other on the street, you most likely would see me and cross the street and just say he belongs to a different blogger-sphere.

I realize I have a problem and will try to fix with the remainder of this life, going into the next.

Thanks for your understanding

After doing all this, at least I can say I ate the God…. thing