A Fine Line


A fine line is drawn

With a sharpen point

Light to the touch

Yet can still be seen

For dimension of lines

Occupy space


A fine line to cut

With the thickness of a blade

How close the cut

To the right side of the line

That is the goal of the craft


Weekly Photo Challenge: Three (in Spirit)


This is what landscapers do in the winter when not dealing with snow. They restore an old 1938 bungalow and build furniture.
It is a small house, so whenever think we might want a piece of furniture. We go out looking for one, but usually furniture today is made for larger homes. So they are too high, too deep or wider that a space will allow.


My wife and partner is a designer thru and thru, so she has built a model of our house and anything we think to put in it, she makes a model of it to see how it looks and fits.
Once she happy with the design she tells me to build it
It this case we do have TV, but didn’t want to to be the center on the living room, so it sits in the lower cabinet behind closed doors, unless we’re going to watch a movie


Every time we finish something, I’m always suggesting that it is the time to move. For whether it was our kitchen or any of the other rooms, it always looks it best then, as is with this bookcase that is now over-loaded with books and all kinds of odd things sitting on top