Curious Friday: Getting the Winter Wheels On


It is pushing me from behind
As I face to the south
Looking for any warmth
Old Sol may provide
It is crunching beneath my feet
As the frost penetrates the soil
It is not far away
As others are buried
In a Christmas card scene
It is rushing to finish a season
That could end any day
It is coming
We will each deal with it
In our own way
Some embrace it
Some just hibernate or flee to warmer places
Many just try to go about their daily life’s
Waiting for winter
For it is one of four seasons
In the northern climes

A Standard Time


It’s been pumpkins
Goblins, princesses,
Zombies and more
No control with left-over candy
Snow in the forecast
And now time changes
A mind in overload
An internal clock
In conflict with the outside world
Two times zones trying to adjust


Against the back drop
Of winters’ approach
When the night overcomes the day
And the sun at its’ height
Provides no warmth
Maybe I go back to bed
To wake in the spring
We’ll see how the day goes
To give my brain time
To rewind
To set back or forth
To a standard time

Time Zone Funk

Curious Friday: Re-purposing

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I’m always looking for things in nature that might be of interest to young ones when I do presentations. I had collected this bird nest last fall that fallen to the ground and put in my garage to store. I found this nest very interesting in the materials used and how it was woven.

Well as you can see I had a family of field mice who like my garage as their winter home and saw the nest and thought it would be ideal winter den, after some improvements. With little strands of items on hand they did a nice job of it.

So now that it has been re-purposed and no longer in use I might try to keep it for I pretty sure kids might enjoy seeing it.