Curious Friday: A Gathering?


It is on those rare occasions
When you come upon something unusual
A gathering of ducks
On the side of the road
Why were they there?
What were they discussing?
Pleasure to see
Thankful they didn’t mind
While I got out my camera
And capture the scene

Curious Friday: Water


Three atoms bonded
Repeated unimaginable times
Partner to all living things
In the dance of life


Tiny particles float on the current of air
To gather, to form the clouds over head
To be released back to the earth
As the earth moves in its’ flow


Changing it nature
To the world around
Still bound to itself
Still bound to its’ partners
In the dancing of water and life


Curious Friday: Turtle Eggs?


While at a customer’s home cutting back their ornamental grasses, I was lifting a section of grass to cut when I saw this clutch of eggs on the ground. The eggs were almost the size of ones you have in your refrigerator. There was no birds around trying to get our attention, so all we could assume, is that they’re turtle eggs.
This was down on the Great Bay and there is a pond about 1,000 ft’ away.

We left the grass un-cut and hope that the eggs go un-noticed, until they hatch. If they are turtle, it will be later in the summer.

Ice on the Pond


A thin ice forms
As the season advances
The sun travels lower
The temperatures getting colder
We’re in the last days of basking in the sun
Enjoying waning openings of fall
As the approaching winter
Ices over the other seasons