Morning Sky


As the light of a morning sky rises

The song of birds greet a new day

My mind wants to capture

Those morning colors

Over the  last shadows of night

So I may hold on to it

As the day moves forward



There In a Moment

There in a moment
Where you would want to make time stand still
For at that moment
All that I am or ever will be
Could not be surpassed
When I look into your eyes
And see all love you have to give
When I see the child in you
All the trust you share
And for that moment
All that I feel
Tries so hard to come out
To be given to you
For you to do with it
What you will


Life can’t be lived in a moment
The most we can do
Is to treasure those moments
And always hope
There may be another
To come to us as it will
You can never know
How many you will have
You can only be grateful
To have any at all