Local – WPC


It is nice to dream of traveling the world

In search breathtaking sites

Yet most of us, it is just a dream

So to wander local

To see the beauty close to home

It is what  most of us can do

Sometimes just minutes away

For there is always something new  and beautiful to see

For me a visit to the river and one of my favorite native trees

The black gum tree – Nyssa sylvatica


Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


The descent of a bygone era
When men and women walked thru the gates
Of toil and wages
For love of family and the children
Who played out in the streets


A time gone
Of making of things
Now done in other places on the globe
Only the ghosts of the thousands
Who’s lifes were spent here
To wander on the floors


Now vacant
Abandoned like so many mills towns and factory cities
Its’ heart and character of many down-towns
Replaced on the outskirts
On new and widen roads
Stores and businesses without a sense of place


The descent of a times past
Whether good or bad
I can not judge
I’ll leave that for the future