Weekly Photo Challenge: The Subtle Signs of a Season


The subtle signs that change with each day
Beyond the green to yellow, orange and red
In a display before the winds and rain
That strip the colors on the horizon
To become a blanket over the earth


It is the subtle signs of change
From bounty
To migration
And even death


The subtle signs of change
Life preparing to endure the harshness of winter
And the instinctual knowing
That spring and life will come again


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray


In the cycle of life
In the orbit of earth
In its’ position to the sun
Seasons change
A leaf emerges
It has the wonder
To take light, water and materials
To create nourishment
For the tree to grow
It is nibbled, chewed, sucked and burrowed
Food for many others
Until near the seasons’ end
As the color and moisture
Drains away
It falls to the earth
Where it continues to provide
Life in the soil
And the substance
For the new seasons’
That will cycle