A small city
Built upon a water line
As a hull making its’ way
Beneath the rolling waves
A skyscraper afloat
Yet one can’t help but wonder
Even given displacement of water
Which side should be up?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle



There certainly is a twinkle in their eyes
As young stars
Are given a chance to shine brightly
To share their talents from within
A reward for so much hard work
To stand center stage
And lighten the audience with joy
A gift of the season
With voices and notes played
That bring a twinkle of stardust
To everyone’s eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge


Clouds travel on the winds
Releasing its’ burden
In uncounted drops
That fall to the earth
To be adsorbed
To move on the surface
To evaporate back to the sky
Seeps and seasonal streams
Flow downward
To join with
Brooks and streams
To form a river
Ever flowing
Down the contorts of land
River meets rivers
As they make their way
And converge with the sea
To move outward
To sink down
Or upward
To create more clouds
In the cycles unbroken

Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


The descent of a bygone era
When men and women walked thru the gates
Of toil and wages
For love of family and the children
Who played out in the streets


A time gone
Of making of things
Now done in other places on the globe
Only the ghosts of the thousands
Who’s lifes were spent here
To wander on the floors


Now vacant
Abandoned like so many mills towns and factory cities
Its’ heart and character of many down-towns
Replaced on the outskirts
On new and widen roads
Stores and businesses without a sense of place


The descent of a times past
Whether good or bad
I can not judge
I’ll leave that for the future

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art – Sometimes I Wonder


It’s a book in my head
Words always being written
With each living breath
It’s about all things
Each tiny bit
That make it a whole
Most of it I do not know
A jig saw puzzle
With endless pieces
Moving, shifting, re-designing
With each new addition
With each new subtraction
To all that is beauty and of wonder
To the ever-present horrors
About all that is never seen
About all that is never understood
It’s a book not yet put to paper
For I have not come to the end
Sometimes I Wonder

Weekly Photo Challenge: Re-Signed to Using a Slightly Used, But Helpful Sign


Many signs are just trying to sell you something, that you really don’t need or want.

But once in the while there is that helpful sign, as you travel down life’s road

Who knew that in less than a year after originally posting , that a challenge would come up about signs
So forgive me for reusing