Bumps and Humps


Life is a journey, one that we keep moving on
Like trees that always have to keep growing, we have to keep moving
We travel it much of the time alone, but at times we meet up with someone who we may share the experience for a while
And for those who are truly lucky, it is for more than a day
But for of each of us, the journey has bumps along the way
Sometimes it enough to separate companions for they each may come down in a different place.


Other times when coming to the humps that raise before us we may hope to grab hands, pulling each other along over the hump, knowing that there are more ahead
It is the bumps and humps that make life an adventure and it is holding on to a partner that makes it all worthwhile
Someone to share what might be seen
Someone to help with an out stretch hand ,holding on for all the bumps and humps along the way