In a Fog

I’m in a Fog today

Can’t seem to find my mind

Looked on the ground it wasn’t there

Thou I realized I was wearing one left shoe,

one right boot

I have been to the PO and to the mall



Oh, I think I better head home

Maybe my mind is there ?

Or at least, there should be one right shoe and/or one left boot

Note to self: add more light where you get dress

A Fine Line


A fine line is drawn

With a sharpen point

Light to the touch

Yet can still be seen

For dimension of lines

Occupy space


A fine line to cut

With the thickness of a blade

How close the cut

To the right side of the line

That is the goal of the craft


Lessons Learn in Life – Teachers Be Aware !

We go thru life learning as we go along.
Sometimes it takes just once
Other times we seem to never learn
and make the same mistake over and over again


One lesson I learn early on and I pass it on to you teachers of young students out there
Is never assume that when you’re passing around a branch of a pussy willow that one of your students
won’t get it into his or her mind to stick one of the pussy willow flowers into his or her ear.

For sadly, that is what I did and lodged in pretty far and being a shy student didn’t think to tell the teacher about it.
Nor did I think to mention it to my mom when I got home


It wasn’t until a couple of months lately that this waxy, blacked, pus mass had worked it way back out of my ear
My mother horrified at the sight, thinking that my brains was oozing out of my ear, until I finally had to fessed up to what I had done.
Her reaction was one of hopelessness, and that I was just being me.

I have learned my lesson and I try to stay clear of pussy willows, even when I am at work as a landscaper.
No pussy willows in my ear. No I won’t do that again.
My mother on the other hand, you might say she didn’t learn and went on and had 5 more kids
Thankfully, none of them turned out to be like me.