Happy UN-Valentine’s Day

Say it ain’t so

Yet it is carved in stone

Laid to rest

A lifetime of searching

Has it been for nothing ?

Well I guess there won’t be

A need for cards, flowers or candies

Unless of course I get them for me

P.S. Please don’t show this post to my wife

She doesn’t usually think I’m funny

And this won’t help

Disclaimer: Just so you know, I do love my wife and I buy her chocolate every week just to keep her happy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle



There certainly is a twinkle in their eyes
As young stars
Are given a chance to shine brightly
To share their talents from within
A reward for so much hard work
To stand center stage
And lighten the audience with joy
A gift of the season
With voices and notes played
That bring a twinkle of stardust
To everyone’s eyes