Step lightly
To do as little harm
As we step forward
In a world teeming with life


Time and the forces of nature
May erase some of our former steps
But there are more than 7 billion of us

Ever stepping forward
Ever the desire
Ever the need for more


Our footprints become heavier
As we mar the ground beneath our feet
Ever harming more living things
Those that are not us


The steps of the past are still there
If we look behind

It is to our next steps
To our children, and to theirs’
To learn
To teach

To step lightly
And do as little harm
In a world teeming with life
For it shouldn’t be only about us


Kicking Leaves Again

The trees are bare
Yet no trace of a season remains
Raked and bagged, it is no more

Except in my little plot of this earth
Where the leaves still swirl
Lifted by the November gales

The energy spend of a summer season
Will remain, food for the life in the soil


It will again
Be the the green of our next growing season

For now I will be out kicking leaves
Until the snows of winter
Blankets the fall and prepares for a coming spring

Curious Friday: Of Two Minds And A Eastern Grey Squirrel

The joy of fall colors and leaves that softly float to the ground


A compulsion to clean up the mess


Songs sung of a White Christmas on December 24


A different tune is sung by January 15 “Enough of the white stuff already”


We tend to be of two minds about many things like the sun shining down in the heat of summer, hoping for a rainy day; yet a couple of rainy days we can’t wait for the sun to break thru the clouds.

You, I and many others are of two minds with our interaction with wildlife around our home. From chipmunks, skunk, deer and squirrels.

011 (2)

Squirrels cute little rodents dancing and running around our yard, climbing trees, defying gravity.


Yet they’re bane of many of bird feeders’ life as they just help themselves to what wasn’t theirs to have. Sitting there, hanging on in unnatural poses, unaffected by banging windows or shouting out of doors.

squrrel nest

It is curious as to why we as bird feeders get so upset about squirrels at our feeders. A lot of money is spent to keep them from doing it, special feeders, pepper powders, squirrel guards and books written on how to out-smart those little grey rodents.

But to think about it, is like having a table full of young kids sitting there and serving a piece of cake to only a couple of them and telling rest they don’t deserve it.

squrrils at home

In the squirrels defense, they are cute, they are great planters for trees in burying their winter food supply and even thou a squirrel can live as long 12 years, most never make it that far and usually only survive a year to 4 years either by becoming someone else’s meal or road kill.

Just something think about it before you start banging on that window.