Curious Friday: Getting the Winter Wheels On


It is pushing me from behind
As I face to the south
Looking for any warmth
Old Sol may provide
It is crunching beneath my feet
As the frost penetrates the soil
It is not far away
As others are buried
In a Christmas card scene
It is rushing to finish a season
That could end any day
It is coming
We will each deal with it
In our own way
Some embrace it
Some just hibernate or flee to warmer places
Many just try to go about their daily life’s
Waiting for winter
For it is one of four seasons
In the northern climes

Frost Two


Frost is in the ground
Frost is in the air
My interests are either dormant
Hibernating or have laid their eggs
So it on to new subjects
Those that are at hand
As many of us are getting ready to greet ‘Old Man and Woman Winter’ and what lies ahead


One only needs to look out the window to see how cold it is, as the rhododendron leaves curl up
To protect the moisture that won’t be replaced until the thawing of spring