Stepping over The Time Lines


Each day we start anew

With each step we take

We step over time

In the lines of shadows and light


For me, I start another year

My fifth year as the ‘Antilandscaper’

Where I started, it can be seen

Where I am, unfolds with each letter I type

Where I’m headed, not a clue

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


I wanted to at least thank all of you

Who have visited, liked and offered comments

More importantly, to you who have shared your worlds in time

With pictures, thoughts and poetry

I have been to places I will never be

Thought of things, that never come to my mind

I have seen the shadows and light through your eyes

To all of you thank you

As we each take another step in time




What Knot Two

DSC07804You see that person standing

DSC06106aFacing a tree

DSC07860You may wonder

DSC03209Is he hiding from reality

DSC06298And you may be right

DSC03507If it is me



I could be hiding or seeing the beauty

DSC06815In patterns and shapes

DSC06814Colors and textures

DSC07913In a world of wonder

DSC09381That seems more real


What Knot


Kicking Leaves Again

The trees are bare
Yet no trace of a season remains
Raked and bagged, it is no more

Except in my little plot of this earth
Where the leaves still swirl
Lifted by the November gales

The energy spend of a summer season
Will remain, food for the life in the soil


It will again
Be the the green of our next growing season

For now I will be out kicking leaves
Until the snows of winter
Blankets the fall and prepares for a coming spring

The Morning Sun


The morning sun reflects its’ light to the ground, with the songs of birds greeting it
A sunset ablaze in color , the moon rising to fill the evening sky


To see each of them, it can take your breath away
It always happens from morning, to evening, to night, but each should be savored as to that moment
And for each time it happens, you get to love it all


On a walk a toad crosses the path, stop, to enjoy it for it is something special

044 (2)

Clouds moving thru the blue overhead, a beauty not much to be compared

A new snow blanketing the other seasons with the night light of the moon on it and the shadow of trees it casts
All days are adventures, with something new and of surprise, if you take it in and know it is unique

Collaboration On Oldest Living Things

Wonders of life
All around us
Even below our feet
Letting go of what we know
To begin learning all the unknowns
Feeling that there is
More to life
Than we ever imagined


Thanks to Jonathan Minard for the short film above presenting Rachel Sussman Carl Zimmer and Hans Ulrich Obrist, and the book that they collaborated on:

Since 2004 artist Rachel Sussman has been researching, working with biologists, and traveling all over the world to photograph continuously living organisms 2,000 years old and older. The work spans disciplines, continents, and millennia: it’s part art and part science, has an innate environmentalism, and is driven by existential inquiry. She begins at ‘year zero,’ and looks back from there, photographing the past in the present. Together, her portraits capture the living history of our planet – and what we stand to lose in the future.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

DSC05669a Click to enlarge

This winter I have taken two airplane trips to visit kids and as I looked out the window of the plane I was in awe of the beauty of the landscape with all of it changes and at the same time sadden by by our footprint in all of it’s environments.
As one stands on the ground you can’t always see the true impact we have had on natural wonders of a living earth, it takes that different perspective even though even flying is adding to the changes that are occurring.

DSC05756a Click to enlarge

From my perspective that is the problem – that of human dominance and our ability to take it all for our own needs; like a run away train without much thought of the future for us and all living things


My photos don’t do it judice, so I might recommend a book “Designs on the Land: Exploring America from the Air” for it is fascinating photos of America’s landscape

Designs on the Land Exploring America from the Air by Alex S. MacLean, Jean-Marc Besse, James Corner and Gilles A. Tiberghien
“Designs on the Land: Exploring America from the Air”
by Alex S. MacLean (Author) , Jean-Marc Besse (Author) , James Corner (Author) , Gilles A. Tiberghien (Author) , Alex MacLean (Author)

Curious Friday


“Cladonia cristatella, more commonly known as the British Soldier Lichen, is a prime example of mutually beneficial symbiosis in nature between algae and fungus. They are most commonly found in the north-eastern Region of the United States as well as the eastern half of Canada. During the late 1700’s people thought these caps resembled the caps of British Soldiers of the day, thus the name British Soldier Lichen.”