Look at Clouds Floating By

Look at clouds floating by,
Step high,
Step low
See things in different ways
Each moment
A different time,
A different place
Our view of the world changes


So the journey is from where we stand
To where we go,
To accept what comes our way
Nothing is ever a given
Everything is always a surprise
All those things that happen
Like the clouds floating by


Wondering about a rain
How a day may be
Knowing that the journey is the joy
As we see how it unfolds
It is our path to travel
As we watch the clouds floating by
To all the other wonders
That we may see
Step high
Step low
Life goes on


Curious Friday: Water


Three atoms bonded
Repeated unimaginable times
Partner to all living things
In the dance of life


Tiny particles float on the current of air
To gather, to form the clouds over head
To be released back to the earth
As the earth moves in its’ flow


Changing it nature
To the world around
Still bound to itself
Still bound to its’ partners
In the dancing of water and life


The Morning Sun


The morning sun reflects its’ light to the ground, with the songs of birds greeting it
A sunset ablaze in color , the moon rising to fill the evening sky


To see each of them, it can take your breath away
It always happens from morning, to evening, to night, but each should be savored as to that moment
And for each time it happens, you get to love it all


On a walk a toad crosses the path, stop, to enjoy it for it is something special

044 (2)

Clouds moving thru the blue overhead, a beauty not much to be compared

A new snow blanketing the other seasons with the night light of the moon on it and the shadow of trees it casts
All days are adventures, with something new and of surprise, if you take it in and know it is unique