Weekly Photo Challenge : Community


I started this post with some ideas in mind for community, but we wind up going to a high school Holiday concert the other night and realize something that was sort foreign to me (from my own HS experiences) that sense of community in school, for the friendships that develop that may last a lifetime.



I was also was struck by the fact in a high school made up of around 1,600 students, almost 300 of them are involved in the school bands, choruses, drama department and the color guards.



Another idea had struck me as to community, and that is the WordPress community. People from different walks of life, places, ideas who share with each other and are interested in what others post whether pictures, words, stories and where they are in life.
It’s a community that I’m happy to be a part of, to share my thoughts, see others’ experiences. It has become part of my life. So I thank all of you for what you share.