Curious Friday: A Gathering?


It is on those rare occasions
When you come upon something unusual
A gathering of ducks
On the side of the road
Why were they there?
What were they discussing?
Pleasure to see
Thankful they didn’t mind
While I got out my camera
And capture the scene

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Twist


Each bird species has its’ own idea what to build
What materials to gather
From twigs, mud, grass, lichens, hair and spider webs too
Twisted around and around
To create a cavity for their young
With just a bird brain, beak and two feet
You would think it be a hard feat to complete



Curious Friday: Re-purposing

Click to enlarge

I’m always looking for things in nature that might be of interest to young ones when I do presentations. I had collected this bird nest last fall that fallen to the ground and put in my garage to store. I found this nest very interesting in the materials used and how it was woven.

Well as you can see I had a family of field mice who like my garage as their winter home and saw the nest and thought it would be ideal winter den, after some improvements. With little strands of items on hand they did a nice job of it.

So now that it has been re-purposed and no longer in use I might try to keep it for I pretty sure kids might enjoy seeing it.

Ice on the Pond


A thin ice forms
As the season advances
The sun travels lower
The temperatures getting colder
We’re in the last days of basking in the sun
Enjoying waning openings of fall
As the approaching winter
Ices over the other seasons