Morning Sky


As the light of a morning sky rises

The song of birds greet a new day

My mind wants to capture

Those morning colors

Over the  last shadows of night

So I may hold on to it

As the day moves forward



Dance in the Light


Hold Still
Stand in silence
Listen to the musical notes
As the first rays
Of the sun
Touch the sky
Unfolds a day
As the night’s dew
Descends to the ground


Light dances
In color and shadow
With each moment
Until it fades
Beyond the horizon


Night skies
Star light
Light from beyond time
Beyond our imagination
All notes of a symphony


Not to orchestrate
Just to listen

Negative Light Rays

Move softly
With all that is around
Of day or night
To dance in the light




Step lightly
To do as little harm
As we step forward
In a world teeming with life


Time and the forces of nature
May erase some of our former steps
But there are more than 7 billion of us

Ever stepping forward
Ever the desire
Ever the need for more


Our footprints become heavier
As we mar the ground beneath our feet
Ever harming more living things
Those that are not us


The steps of the past are still there
If we look behind

It is to our next steps
To our children, and to theirs’
To learn
To teach

To step lightly
And do as little harm
In a world teeming with life
For it shouldn’t be only about us


Curious Friday: Pink Stone Church


In the beginning of the year we went to AZ to visit kids and they wanted us to see the Grand Canyon. We spent the night in Flagstaff and the next morning we drove around the town to see what it looked like. Being a passenger in car gave me the opportunity to do some drive-by picture taking. I caught this image of a stone church made with pink stone. I am curious where that stone came from, was it local or did it come from afar?

Maybe someday I’ll find out and maybe go back there to walk thru town and see the sights. I also have come to realize that there is some fascinating stuff close to home, when I take the time to look and maybe they’ll show up here. Details always hiding in plain sight.

Photo Weekly Challenge : Juxtaposition


On the first of the year we traveled from Winter in New England (the day before everyone got snowed in) to Sunny Phoenix Arizona to visit family


To come to a place where the average rainfall is 7 to 8″ a year, yet while in the urban areas it was hard to know we were in a desert, it in some ways it could have been home in NH in early summer just replace the maples and oaks with palm trees (which are not native to there)


Knowing that water is issue in the southwest as in other parts of this country, it was hard to understand seeing green golf courses, green lawns that gave it all that theme park feel to it.


Don’t get me wrong, we had a wonderful time, certainly enjoyed being with family and the weather wasn’t to hard to take.


And now being home with freezing temps, part of me misses it or at least being with family. Yet I do have all those pictures I took to maybe help think being warm and remember seeing the native landscape of a desert just outside of town