War Drums

dsc06551ac_peI fled deeper into the forest

Away from others of my own kind

For I have lived a lifetime

Of hearing their war drums

Sometimes off in the distance

Others times closer to home

When I can hear war cries

Of righteousness and hate

That comes from all quarters

From all sides

I think of all the fallen

Those that marched into it

And for those many more

That were just in harms way

Was it for some

With their last breath

They longed that the war drums

Would become silent

Not for just them

But for those they left behind?


In a Fog

I’m in a Fog today

Can’t seem to find my mind

Looked on the ground it wasn’t there

Thou I realized I was wearing one left shoe,

one right boot

I have been to the PO and to the mall



Oh, I think I better head home

Maybe my mind is there ?

Or at least, there should be one right shoe and/or one left boot

Note to self: add more light where you get dress

Quotes Lost On Me – In and Out of Windows


“It’s not the Problem that is the Problem

It’s how you handle the Problem

That’s the Problem”

I’m sure this is  clear to some folks, but  it is lost on me

But maybe that is why this business isn’t there anymore?

It reminds me of a time many years ago, when I worked at a boat building shop.

The business wasn’t doing well and the managers decided to hold a “Morale building

meeting” and one of the first things said was “you carpenters are a dime a dozen”

It certainly built my morale

Local – WPC


It is nice to dream of traveling the world

In search breathtaking sites

Yet most of us, it is just a dream

So to wander local

To see the beauty close to home

It is what  most of us can do

Sometimes just minutes away

For there is always something new  and beautiful to see

For me a visit to the river and one of my favorite native trees

The black gum tree – Nyssa sylvatica


Looking In and Out of Windows -Arts and Craft


Looking in and out of windows

Downtown’s where small shops still remain

Store front windows with their displays

To entice passerby’s to maybe to stop in

Where malls and internet shopping have replaced downtown’s

And many have declined

Empty store fronts  only make for the  remaining stores that much harder to survive

There is a charm to old window displays

Whether you need or want something or not

So a fool with a camera, taking pictures of the oddest things

Hope you don’t, I might as well share




Nostalgia – WPC

 brooklyn-st(Credit google maps)

Kids in Brooklyn

Playing  out in the streets

Games of a bygone era

kick-the-can-ridge-st-les-1947 Kick the can


A “Spaldeen”

High bounce ball

Endless games to play



Stick ball

Where manhole covers are bases


Large circles chalked on the payment

For I Declare War On


Sidewalk handball



Hand ball on brick walls



Stoop ball on my uncle’s front steps

Memories half  buried


Like marbles in the dirt