Head in The Clouds Monday

In the days when travel was easy

I always look for the window seat

For part of going some where

Is the distance we move to get there

And that makes the journey

So much more interesting

Please indulge me

As I share what I have observed

From my window seat

On “Head in the clouds Mondays”

Quotes Lost On Me – In and Out of Windows


“It’s not the Problem that is the Problem

It’s how you handle the Problem

That’s the Problem”

I’m sure this is  clear to some folks, but  it is lost on me

But maybe that is why this business isn’t there anymore?

It reminds me of a time many years ago, when I worked at a boat building shop.

The business wasn’t doing well and the managers decided to hold a “Morale building

meeting” and one of the first things said was “you carpenters are a dime a dozen”

It certainly built my morale

Looking In and Out of Windows -Arts and Craft


Looking in and out of windows

Downtown’s where small shops still remain

Store front windows with their displays

To entice passerby’s to maybe to stop in

Where malls and internet shopping have replaced downtown’s

And many have declined

Empty store fronts  only make for the  remaining stores that much harder to survive

There is a charm to old window displays

Whether you need or want something or not

So a fool with a camera, taking pictures of the oddest things

Hope you don’t, I might as well share