Curious Friday – Leaf Hopping

A new season in upon us

As the leaves emerge

Time to look for slight moment

Of spots on leaves and twigs

To slowly approach

Before they hop or fly away


If I could only get them to turn my way

Maybe I get some head shots


And not get bite or strung

28 thoughts on “Curious Friday – Leaf Hopping

  1. “A slight moment of spots…before they hop or fly away” is exactly right. Nicely said. As for head shots, if you got any closer, you’d be bug food for sure. Amazing photos.

    1. Thanks, with tired eyes I move closer hoping to capture those spots so I can get a better look later, and truth be told I get more butt rather than head shots as a rule

    1. I’m glad with the camera I have now a Panasonic Lumix GX 9, not that expensive, but I do enjoy it, and some of those photos were done with older point and shoot cameras.
      The thing about them is they tend to be short lived with dirty hands for the dirt always finds a way to their insides. Thanks

    1. Oh Judy, hold on the bug spray for those little black flies are Bark Lice and they are so fascinating they don’t do any harm to trees for they are feeding on algae and lichens growing on the bark and what is so cool are you try to get close to them they all move away like a herd of cattle. I get so excited when I see them.
      So no spray if you see them, them, call me instead I will be right there,Thanks

      1. It’s always a learning experience with you, Jon. I was able to look up Bark Lice and learn about them. I’ll be on the lookout because most of our trees has plenty of lichens for them to stop and enjoy. Thank you!

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