Head In the Clouds – Look Up, Look down

I wonder, is someone up there

Looking down at me here

With my feet on the ground

As I watch them up there

As they make their way

To somewhere else

Should we wave to each other?

24 thoughts on “Head In the Clouds – Look Up, Look down

    1. I once saw a video which starts somewhere among the stars and focuses a light in the darkness and starts traveling to it and you realize it’s earth, getting closer and closer heading right to the ground to a dandelion growing out of a crack in the sidewalk for flies right into it.
      Into a world of micro biology and all of its’ part that can’t be seen with a naked eye and became its’ own universe almost as to where it started

    1. Sadly Judy, they call it progress the never ending need for more.
      We do a lot of work in neighborhoods around there with plan es flying over head.
      Meanwhile I’m still in my cocoon not ready to venture out too far

  1. I remember flying over north India at night and seeing a great swathe of lights. There were millions of people down there and I felt part of it. I could write a thousand words but you summed it all up in 37.

    1. I tend to be short on words, maybe because I was born Brooklyn which had a language of it’s own back then.
      I do wish sometimes I could write a 1,000 words, but would it all may sense? Thanks again

    1. Thank you for that, I never know if it makes sense, it had to do with trying to locations both from the air and ground, for looking up and looking down are such different things

  2. We should all, feel, humbled, in the presence, of, nature’s, wonders, but, unfortunately, as humans, we tend to, get, a bit, too, greedy, and just, take, take, take, endlessly…

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