Head in the Clouds – A Man made Wonder?

Flying out of Phoenix

Headed south, before banking east

Out the window there appears

A large hole in the ground

Wasn’t sure what I was seeing

Either with the Circled hole

Or with the backgammon design ponds

What it was is a open pit copper mine abandoned in 1984

Which as of 2019, it was bought with plans to reopen

Now called the Cactus mine

For a sense of scale that pit is 3,100 ft. across and 980′ deep

25 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds – A Man made Wonder?

    1. It is both, I had never seen something like that before and I will say when I am up there in the clouds the human footprint is everywhere below. Maybe it will be another tale for another day

  1. I went to Google maps and got the little man to wander around and look at street view. The irrigated fields of green stand out in such complete contrast. But there are a lot of questions that will probably never be answered. It would be interesting to know something of the integration of the Indian communities that look so relatively the same as any rural communities that can be seen on the maps.

    1. John, you, me and the little goggle man can’t help but wonder why would you want a lush green lawn or grow crops in the desert where there is no rain., beyond my understanding

    1. It is, but I have researched this photo and have found that there are even bigger open pit mines some a mile across and a half a mile deep, but for copper, silver and gold folks are willing to do it.it does leave sad.

    1. Well, by any name it is still a open pit copper mine, a mine that was abandoned in 84 when bought to be reopened they have tried to address environmental issues, such as groundwater contamination maybe Cactus sounds better than big black hope in the ground, who knows?

    1. Thanks, you know when i fly, which I don’t do much, I never know what I will see below, given flight paths, weather conditions and the side of the plane I choose, still grateful for what I do see.

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