Head in The Clouds Monday

In the days when travel was easy

I always look for the window seat

For part of going some where

Is the distance we move to get there

And that makes the journey

So much more interesting

Please indulge me

As I share what I have observed

From my window seat

On “Head in the clouds Mondays”

22 thoughts on “Head in The Clouds Monday

    1. I agree, I always wonder why more folks aren’t interested in what is laid out below them. When I get on a plane I think of which side will the sun be on in the direction I headed

      1. It is also a matter of comfort. The window and aisle seats afford a couple of extra inches which mean a lot to someone like my husband who is quite a bit bigger than me. Not so much for me.

    1. I glad you also enjoy the window seat. when we do have to travel by air. You know my first time on a plane I was 45 and flew right over NYC and I had to control my excitement, Now with my wife’s kids in AZ and mine in NC that is the limit of our 2 yearly trips. Thanks for your comments.

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