Time Ripples

As we stand here in the Present

Looking to the future

Our past pushes us forward

As we ripple thru time

In case you wondering the photos are of crab apple knots

A branch was cut years ago and the bark has been growing to cover over the wound

Those folds are each a new year’s growth

19 thoughts on “Time Ripples

  1. It’s very much a ripple, isn’t it? One wonders what was dropped in the middle. I agree you can’t look at something like this without thinking of mysteries like time.

  2. Your tree trunk pictures are the best way to visualize the passage of time. We live linearly and go through Monday to get to Tuesday, like a tunnel, but if you look at time like on the tree trunk, where you see rings, consecutive years simultaneously, all from above. Tarot cards are a window in time, a bird’s-eye view of your options playing out. That’s how I explain it. Cheers and thanks for the inspiration.

      1. In a computer game called “The Sims,” you decorate your house with items that are grouped and graded by comfort, use, and ambiance. For example, furniture and art objects are prime in beauty but low in comfort and service. The most expensive items have all three: use, comfort, and ambiance. As a result, your picture is beautifully decorative, soothing to the spirit, and can explain the passage of time. It has all three. Cheers!

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