A Bookish Sunday- Sitting with Old Friends

I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning surrounded by old friends and some just acquaintances

All in all, they have been part of my world, whether as whole tales or just footnotes in the tale of one’s own life.

As with old friends, some remain close

Others are thoughts and feelings of one’s past

And as time moves on, we have a chance for new friends

Some to stay and to share their stories

Many more will come and go, as our own time allow.

There are old friends, sitting on shelves collecting dust

Knowing that they won’t be pulled off the shelf

It is time to se you free

For the unopened, unread book

It just seems so sad

When someone else might be excited

To turn your pages

To view the world thru someone else’s words

So I may take another Sunday morning

I will sit here and open your pages

One more time

To share my thoughts of you

Before I say goodbye

27 thoughts on “A Bookish Sunday- Sitting with Old Friends

  1. Yes, books are dear friends. I recognized the “Not So Big House” books. I have those, too. Some books I keep just because I love what they say so much. Some I keep as they were a gift. Others I give away so as not to be overwhelmed. Fortunately, I can always go to the library, too. Books are a joy in my life. Looks like for you, too.

    1. Thanks,, it is funny about the ” Not So Big House” books, which in reality show houses that are bigger than ours. Adapting to life in a 800 sq. ft. home.. And at least before the pandemic, our library was like a second home.

  2. This is a wonderful post. Of all the friendships in life, the one we have with books has to be among the deepest and most personal. This is a fitting and very artful tribute.

    1. Thanks,
      I tend to do the same, many of the books I have for many are non- fiction, ecology books and I have learned to request a book from the library thru their inter-library borrowing program to see and read a book before I consider owning it now.

    1. I have been thinking about your comments, before I replied. I thinks with friends and books you have to open the cover to see what thoughts and feelings are inside to be able to appreciate who they are.
      Thanks, and may this reach you in good spirits

      1. Good morning and thank you. Some people won’t let you and quickly show you their backside, but when we open ourselves up and flip our book pages together, we begin to love, and that’s how we write a new chapter.

  3. Great combination of beautiful words and images.
    Do you have any Little Free Libraries around you? They are a nice way to share your books with your neighbors – and pick up a new one in return 🙂

  4. Before Thanksgiving it had been years since I picked up a book from our own extensive library. Since then I’ve read some short stories by: Mark Twain (whom I thought only did Huck Finn-type works. Not realizing he even wrote some supernatural and other diverse stuff.) and Hemmingway. Started Robots of Dawn by Asimov. And occasionally read out loud for my own personal practice of speech reading. Gotta keep that gray matter exercised as well as digest the creativity of all these writers.

    1. Thanks again for your comments. I agree, thou most of my books tend to be non-fiction they do offer interesting stories, with drama of time, place not with always with happy ending.

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