In a Fog

I’m in a Fog today

Can’t seem to find my mind

Looked on the ground it wasn’t there

Thou I realized I was wearing one left shoe,

one right boot

I have been to the PO and to the mall



Oh, I think I better head home

Maybe my mind is there ?

Or at least, there should be one right shoe and/or one left boot

Note to self: add more light where you get dress

38 thoughts on “In a Fog

    1. That was the saving grace, at least they were a similar color, I don’t know what I would have done if one was black and the other brown, hopefully I won’t have to face problem going into the future., thanks,
      Just so you know winter is still here in NH, and it is missing you.

    1. The funny part was I didn’t notice the difference as I was walking until I notice one boot and one shoe.
      As a person who when traveling and one who wakes very early, and wanders outside in my Pj’s and robe to take pictures and smoke my pipe, it is just me. Thanks

  1. This flashed me back to my military boot camp days. During a long hike with my platoon, I felt something weird about my gait. I noticed I had interchanged my boots, probably in a hurry as was required by our drill sergeants; and I couldn’t just stop to switch them back. Longest forced march of my life.

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