Local – WPC


It is nice to dream of traveling the world

In search breathtaking sites

Yet most of us, it is just a dream

So to wander local

To see the beauty close to home

It is what  most of us can do

Sometimes just minutes away

For there is always something new  and beautiful to see

For me a visit to the river and one of my favorite native trees

The black gum tree – Nyssa sylvatica


19 thoughts on “Local – WPC

  1. I take people to places that are just around the corner and they say, ‘Oh Wow! I never knew that was there.’ And I think to myself, ‘Have you ever opened your eyes?’

    1. When there is colors coming in our windows and all around us just outdoors seem foolish to travel where everyone else is headed to see the same thing. I hope you had a nice show where you are, our show now carpets the ground, thanks

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