Quest – WPC



15 Numbers puzzle

This WPC is personal to me and have I’ve given much thought to it. Yet may be off the mark for the challenge.

If you ever played this puzzle, you know you have to move numbered tiles around to get them in order.

In order to move one tile into place, a bunch of other tiles have to be moved

I think of this puzzle as part of my own life, for over the years you collect things and when others leave they leave a lot of their stuff behind

Sooner or later, you need to do something with all this stuff, move it, box it, if you just want to clean your home.

Do you sell it? Does it have any value? Do you donate it? Who wants it?

So how does this fit the category of “Quest”?

My quest going forward is to become a digital collector, take pictures of things I have and then get rid of them.

If I think I want something take a picture of it, I might view it more than if I owned it , taking up space on a shelve, in a draw, boxed away with the thought that someday you’ll have a place for it

Yard sale it, donate it and things that might have value “Craigslist” it.

Reduce, recycle, reconsider what it is that I really need or want.

A quest that  one day when I leave

Most of my stuff will be on a card



11 thoughts on “Quest – WPC

    1. That sounds great, it is the question is of what value does your stuff what you think it worth vrs. how much someone is willing to pay for it? Thanks, maybe I will will do well selling some things and you may get to see some of it. Thinking of posting some of my oddball things

      1. Actually, it was really eye opening to me what I was attached to materially and I ended up selling everything for the minimum price. It was very interesting.

      2. I decided that answer was no and chose to live a very minimalist lifestyle, but it’s obviously a very personal decision relative to each individual on what is a value to them or not and why.

  1. When we moved cross country, we got rid of the majority of our ‘stuff.’ It is amazing how much you collect, how easily you can survive without it, and how simple life can be after you downsize. It saves on future shopping too because you look at trinkets and decide you don’t want to accumulate more. 🙂

    1. . When we even think of something to buy we think do we have a place for it? What are we willing to get rid of to make room for it. We have a client who has a 3 bay garage, yet only has room for one car the other two bays are full of stuff. We have a little over 800 sq. ft of living space, so our choices are limited. Thanks for the comment

  2. We made the leap from too much house to cozy a few years ago. Never thought we were ready for condo life… but here we are. I had a ‘green tag give-away’ for my siblings first. They could have anything in house and yard marked with green stickers. I didn’t expect them to bring shovels but they did! Ha. My kids got the good furniture. Worked out great and we can visit our former possessions anytime. All good….

    1. Sounds like a plan, we did that when my wife’s parents past away, but there were things that no one wanted but it was hard for my wife to let some things go. We’ll see how the future goes. Thanks

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