Moments of Spring

Change starts slowly
As we move from
One season to the next


A little green here
A splash of color there
Then a season quickens


Cast your slights elsewhere
Then to look back
It is gone


In those short early
Moments of Spring


13 thoughts on “Moments of Spring

  1. Beautiful photos. Bleeding Hearts are my absolute favorite spring flower so thank you for that gorgeous shot. Now, if we could get just a little sunshine and a little more warmth maybe it would really feel like spring. I know it’s spring because of all the weeds in my beds, but I can’t say I’m enjoying wearing a coat to pull them out. 🙂

    1. As you know this is NH and what the weather is is anybody’s guess, it hasn’t been an easy spring as far as work goes,and I’m waiting for the lust green sea of weeds to come with the sun and warmth. Both we’ll soldier on what else can we do. Thanks for the comments

    1. Thanks I used to carry a camera on me as I worked down with the weeds, but I have killed one too many cameras with dirty hands. So now I have to set time aside with clean hands to get down with the plants, insects and mushrooms and see who I share this space with.

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