It is a matter of orbits and tilts
Of light verses dark
Warm over cold
A means of survival


To flourish
When all things seem alive
To hibernate
When life is frozen against the low angle light


Each morning the sun moves along the horizon
It is that season
As day equals night


To awaken
Out of a den
To emerge from the mud
Or beneath the matted leaves
Whether the earth is ready or not


Life is stirred
Weaken, yet hopeful
To what life offers ahead


16 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. Ha, you noticed, I was not so much asleep, more stretched thin with spinning plates with the volunteer part of my life. That is soon to change and I decided if I was going to come back to wordpress I have to do it the right way, if nothing else to respond to comments when you and others take the time to write, to share yourselves in your thoughts. And I do miss seeing our world thru yours’ and other eyes.

    1. Thank you for the nice words, and we must not give up hope,even if they predict more snow and ice for tonight. Spring will come and will see you at the nursery some time Jon

  2. Hi. You just hit the like button on a poem I wrote for a conversation which I wrote with https://backtowhatever.wordpress.com/ If you never look at my blog again and only look at her blog I will be happy. This is a 27 yO women from Bosnia who survived the war there and she has great things to say. Go back to the start and read it all. But have a packet of tissues handy.

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