Cold Feet


The sun is surely in the winter doldrums
Its’ shows up late every morning
And leaving early at the end of the day
With no enthusiasm to share any of its’ warmth


What about the rest of us
Caught up in the sun’s cyclical moods
Having to face all on our own
Arctic cold fronts,
Cars that won’t start
Furnaces that won’t shut off
With cold feet, cold hands and faces
And (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder


Yes we could leave
Enticed by family and friends
Who boast of warmer climes
Of topical islands
Lust and green

Az temp

But what about the others
Who have to remain behind
Now that the holidays are over
Who can they complain too?
What is misery if it can’t be shared
So we stay put
With the other fools
And do our countdown

To when the sun may change her mood


14 thoughts on “Cold Feet

  1. I have to say… I am one of the others who have fled to a warmer destination. (Arizona!) But your post gave me my morning giggle and I enjoyed the cold feet photos of the geese. And the winter snow scene looked like just the best place to have a winter picnic! A chair, a cup of cocoa and complete silence…that is what I call “peace!”

  2. I love this. Every single morning I ask myself why I’m still in this freezing cold wasteland that is Chicago. I love Chicago but not in the winter where the air hurts my face and everything is gray and flat and yukky:( You said it perfectly.

  3. That is such a perfect description. “The air hurts my face.’ I remember. I remember. But the snow is SO beautiful.

  4. OMG, Jon, I had myself quite a laugh reading this. I thank you sincerely for that. The pellet stove has been roaring for six hours, we’re up to 62 degrees, and I’ve changed the animals water twice already. LOL Why, oh why do we live here? Would family really miss us?

  5. I really enjoyed that Jon. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great week. It’s great to have you back.

  6. Great post! Our relatives from the US east coast have visited my wife and I in California during the winter. They’ll tell us how nice it is here, but how they would miss the NJ seasons. Peace.

  7. And the rain just keeps on coming with the wind and now snow. I miss daylight. And sun. And a warm face. This is wonderful. I feel so much better knowing that others are suffering. 😉

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