38 thoughts on “Curious Friday: Wonders on Ice

  1. These photos really vividly depict the wonder of ice. It truly is a marvel. And the photos are great.

    I say this, Even though I dread once again preparing to see ice all the time for the next four months or so.

    1. I will agree, I rather be out in the warmth of spring or summer looking at the green of the earth, but for now with winters’ approach I will look for what I can find, besides that of my winter sports of snow blowing or shoveling. Thanks for the comment

    1. Thanks, ice can be pretty, and I hoping to get some nice pictures of snow flakes this winter, keeps me enjoying outsides when all one might want to is be warm and stay inside

      1. I have had some of my best times in the snow. I don’t mind the cold and have been known to go outside at night to walk in the snow. I am looking forward to more ice pics and the snow pics from you.

    1. Hi, It seems we are having another one of those days snow, ice and rain and winter not here yet. And that last photo is of my truck hood that I had cleared off and it refroze and the patterns were a bonus, how pretty they were.

    1. Thanks, I am too, you must be in a warmer place. My daughters who live in NC told me they had ice sculpture demo last night and a few hours later they had all melted and this morning they were just puddles in the park

      1. I live in Los Angeles. We are all happy because water fell out of the sky a few days ago. It’s like seeing a unicorn.

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