Curious Friday: UnSeen, UnRead


As you wander around Word Press looking at others’ blogs, you will see on many ‘Top Posts’ in the side bar
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a category for our ‘Unseen and Unread’ posts that might highlight some of our earlier works, when we were out here- Un-noticed and Un-followed. Just curious


18 thoughts on “Curious Friday: UnSeen, UnRead

  1. Funny you should post this today Jon. Because I am back to being unread and unfollowed 🙂 WordPress technical problems I think.
    Great Post and photo,as always.

  2. Yes! It is why I like the “sticky post” feature with some WP themes, certainly with mine. It allows me to go back in my own archives, find one that fits the week, and “pin it” so that it is the first post seen when someone visits my blog’s home page. I change it once per week, because it’s fun for me! I have many followers that don’t use the reader.

    You should see if your theme has that option. Email me if you are more curious than you were Wednesday. Cheers! Love your stuff.

  3. I’ve become a blog reading addict, lol! Sometimes I find the most amazing blogs and notice they seem to have no readers. I wish there was a way to promote them , people are missing out.

  4. Great idea. I made a page called ‘best posts’ in the hopes that visitors to my blog could see what my best efforts, even if they had been posted months, if not years, before. ( Or liked by a boatload of people, Which is always a hard prospect on wordpress with the many tricky rules about tags and categories.)
    O and om 🐱

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