Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


The descent of a bygone era
When men and women walked thru the gates
Of toil and wages
For love of family and the children
Who played out in the streets


A time gone
Of making of things
Now done in other places on the globe
Only the ghosts of the thousands
Who’s lifes were spent here
To wander on the floors


Now vacant
Abandoned like so many mills towns and factory cities
Its’ heart and character of many down-towns
Replaced on the outskirts
On new and widen roads
Stores and businesses without a sense of place


The descent of a times past
Whether good or bad
I can not judge
I’ll leave that for the future

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

  1. “Stores and businesses without a sense of place”
    Well said and that captures the reality
    Our hometown has a large abandoned cotton mill that once employed half the city or more but now sits decaying along the river. Downtown, which was once thriving, is mostly empty and decrepit. The box stores and chain restaurants are on the edge of town–and it could be any town.

  2. I’m one of the baby boomers who played in the streets. Today if I walk my neighborhood, I don’t see or hear anyone playing anymore. But I’m sure somewhere there’s an ipad of phone being tweeked. Nice photos with verse. Peace.

  3. This post eloquently expresses what people from all over our country feel. It’s the same in all the cities here. Interesting how you ‘do not judge’. I really like that. Puts a twist of faith and perspective on it all.

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