Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art – Sometimes I Wonder


It’s a book in my head
Words always being written
With each living breath
It’s about all things
Each tiny bit
That make it a whole
Most of it I do not know
A jig saw puzzle
With endless pieces
Moving, shifting, re-designing
With each new addition
With each new subtraction
To all that is beauty and of wonder
To the ever-present horrors
About all that is never seen
About all that is never understood
It’s a book not yet put to paper
For I have not come to the end

Sometimes I Wonder

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art – Sometimes I Wonder

  1. A major apology coming. Every time you hit my blog and you ‘like’ what I’ve posted I get a buzz. But I haven’t hit your blog anywhere near as often. I have always wondered at the name Antilandscaper so tonight I went right back to you first posts in Sept 2012 and now I understand. And I so totally agree. My wife did a course in Horticulture and sometimes when she plants a tree in a spot that I know will either kill the house or kill the tree I want to scream. But I have kept a reign on my tongue. I will look more carefully at your words from now on. I think you should repost a couple of the early ones where you really spilled your heart.

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