Curious Friday: Kicking Leaves


It starts with a spot of color here
A dash of color there
That builds up
To all the true colors of leaves
That give a display
As plants prepare for winter


Winds howl, leaves fly
Piles and mounds of leaves gather
Why is hard to resist
A walk thru
Kicking leaves for the sound and a simple joy


Truth be told, out of respect for my neighbors I do mow and shred my leaves, to make a mulch like a forest duff


15 thoughts on “Curious Friday: Kicking Leaves

  1. Boy, does this bring back memories. We lived near Chicago for a couple of years when I was a kid, and on one of the classic tree-lined streets, so there were oodles of leaves to be kicked through, heaped up, dived into, and flung around like confetti, and it was grand!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 😀

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